This puppy therapy program is another way YVR helps make travel stress-free

May 15 2018, 3:31 am

The world looks different when you’re living with anxiety and stress. Everyday activities and locations can act as triggers for your condition, and airports are some of the worst offenders.

But YVR Airport has an initiative that makes things a lot better. The next time you’re travelling, you might recognize some four-legged friends walking around the airport. No, they’re not lost!

Meet the ambassador dogs. They’re from St John Ambulance’s Therapy Program and they’re now part of YVR’s Less Airport Initiative (LASI).

YVR ambassador dog/YVR Airport

The LASI initiative is just one of many innovative programs that YVR undertakes to continuously improve the airport – and a prime example of how the Vancouver Airport Authority, the company behind YVR, operates with its customers top of mind.

Initiatives like LASI are enabled thanks to YVR’s unique not-for profit operating model, which allows all profits generated to be reinvested back into the airport – independently and without government funding.

You’ll meet the LASI dogs in the departures terminal, where they’re hard at work providing a support service to help manage anxiety associated with travel, work, and general stress. Embrace the three greatest words in the world: Dogs with jobs.

There are currently 10 different ambassador dogs who are spending time around the terminal: Rosseau, Grover, Callie, Gypsy, Lassie, Xecel, Taz, Mira, Bailey, and Norman. If you’re hoping to see them, they’ll onsite Monday through Friday and the second Saturday of every month from 11 am to 1 pm.

You’ll easily be able to identify the dogs as they’ll be with their handlers wearing their St. John Ambulance bandanas and YVR branded leashes. And if you’ve got any questions, you can easily ask those in a YVR Green Coat.

YVR ambassador dogs are specifically trained to be interacted with, unlike traditional therapy dogs. So you can call them over and give them and give them a pet.

YVR ambassador dog/YVR Airport

“We recognize that an airport can be a stressful environment. By introducing the YVR ambassador dogs through our LASI initiative (Less Airport Stress Initiative), we hope that our four-legged friends will help to ease any anxiety associated with travel,” Reg Krake, director of customer care at Vancouver Airport Authority said at the launch of the initiative.

“We want all our guests to have a positive experience at YVR and we know the LASI initiative will enhance the airport experience for passengers, visitors, and employees.”

YVR ambassador dog/YVR Airport

You can find out more about the many programs and initiatives YVR undertakes to continuously improve the airport by visiting YVR’s website now.

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