Travellers must pay a $4K "coronavirus deposit" to visit Cambodia

Jun 18 2020, 1:06 pm

With an abundance of border closures, travel restrictions, and other limitations, authorities in Cambodia have decided to take things a step further by introducing a new policy that requires travellers to fork over a decent amount of cash if they want to visit.

Now, if you wish to travel to the country, you will need to pay a USD $3,000 deposit for “COVID-19 service charges” upon your arrival at the Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Preah Sihanouk International airports.

The deposit, which can be paid either in cash or by credit card, is meant to safeguard the country from the potential expenses that could be incurred should a visitor contract COVID-19 during their visit.

As of May 20, 2020, all passengers, including citizens of Cambodia and foreign nationals, must enter a mandatory 14-day quarantine once they arrive in the country. Once they get to the airport, all passengers will have their temperatures tested and will be transported to a holding area for coronavirus testing. They will take an additional coronavirus test on the 13th day of quarantine either at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital in the capital city of Phnom Phen or at a designated provincial hospital.

The costs start small enough, with prices beginning at USD $5 per person for transport from the airport to a hotel or designated quarantine center, the mandatory coronavirus test, which is $100, and the cost of an overnight stay at one of the designated hotels to wait the required 24-hours for the test results to come back. There is also an additional charge of $30 for three meals per day and $15 for laundry and cleaning services.

However, things continue to get more expensive should conditions worsen.

If a traveller contracts coronavirus during a visit to Cambodia, they will have to retake the coronavirus test at the same cost of $100 for however long checks are deemed necessary. According to the government, they will have to take a minimum of four tests. Travellers will also incur a $150 treatment fee, including medications, per day on top of all the other costs.

In the unfortunate event of a visitor dying from coronavirus while still in Cambodia, there is also a fee of $1,500 per person for funeral expenses.

On top of the coronavirus deposit that travellers have to pay, all foreign nationals must also be able to provide proof of health insurance with a minimum coverage of no less than USD $50,000.

“[These] deposits will be deducted for payments on services during the implementation of health measures,” the official document explains.

Cambodia already has multiple travel policies in place it hope will curtail the spread of the virus.

The country has suspended visa-free entry, tourist visas, e-visas, and visas on arrival. Other visas must be obtained through a Cambodian Embassy or Consulate abroad.

Additionally, all foreign nationals must possess a health certification proving that they have tested negative for coronavirus, issued by “competent health authorities,” in their country of origin within 72 hours of departure.

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