Effortlessly nostalgic but always forward-thinking, Portland is like a hip older sister who’ll show you not just how to party, but how to be a good human too.

It’s a city where backyard chickens are the norm and social justice rules. Where you look forward to every meal, in between bike rides and flights of locally crafted beer. Where creators thrive in the artsy PNW setting. All this, and it’s also a place people can still mostly afford to live the American Dream (of the 90s) - white picket fence and organic garden included.

Get ready to become cultured from worldly influences, while also soaking in big-city vibes in a totally chill setting. In Portland, no one will scoff at you if you’re donning flannel for dinner, even if it’s with a Michelin-starred chef. And yes, you can bring your dog.

From where to eat, drink, things to do, and neighbourhoods to explore, we can’t wait for you to explore this city with us.


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