This hotel in Spain may have the world's most expensive Christmas Tree

Dec 9 2019, 3:24 pm

Christmas may be about the bells and whistles and all that glimmers, but a hotel in Spain has taken it to a whole other level.

Kempinski Hotel Bahía in Estepona, Spain, has partnered with celebrity designer Debbie Wingham to unveil perhaps the most jaw-dropping holiday decor you’ve ever seen. 


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The beachfront hotel is now home to allegedly the world’s most extravagant Christmas tree, worth a total of £11.9 million (~$21 million CAD).

According to the official press release, “Fashioned from high-value stones, the tree is peppered with pink, red, white and black diamonds, edible treats and traditional decorations.”

Locals and guests congregated in the hotel’s recently refurbished lobby and partook in champagne and traditional music before the tree was unveiled by the Hotel General Manager Axel Bethke and Haute Couture Designer Debbie Wingham.


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The “flawlessly cut and ethically sourced” decorations include 3-carat sapphire, 3-carat pink diamonds, black and white diamonds, oval red diamonds, and a combination of remastered, “expertly upcycled jewellery” from carriers such as Van Cleef, Bvlgari, Chanel, and Cartier. 

The tree’s appearance was inspired by the illustrious green feathers of a peacock as well as the modernist art-deco era.

It features unique staples including feathers, martini glasses, perfume, and even 3D-printed chocolate peacocks. 


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However, if you think that all tradition is lost on this tree, fear not!

Guests will still see authentic decorations such as fairies, snowflakes, and intricately decorated baubles that have been carefully detailed with a combination of materials, from 24-carat gold and diamond dust to ostrich and emu eggs.

Wait, you don’t put ostrich and emu eggs on your Christmas tree? Weird!


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Those visiting Marbella during the holiday season may also participate in the hotel’s Diamond and Champagne Night on December 28.

Guests will have the opportunity to treat themselves to a delectable cocktail dining experience by Executive Chef David Fernandez and have the chance at bringing home a diamond valued at €2,000 ($2,900 CAD).


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“The indulgent cocktail dinner with a twist will see guests sip on Perrier Jouet as they each have the chance to select a key and attempt to unlock a box containing the valuable treasure,” according to the press release. “Whoever’s key fits the lock will take home the dazzling diamond.”

Kempinski Hotel Bahía is located near the promenade of Estepona.