Perfect and practical gift ideas for the frequent traveller in your life

Dec 4 2019, 7:49 pm

It can sometimes be challenging to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, even if you check it twice!

More often than not, people want to be gifted things they are actually going to use regularly.

So, what gift do you get the person who is always jetting off to the next far-away destination?

Have no fear. Mapped is here!

We have compiled a list of the best — but also practical — gift ideas for the frequent traveller in your life.

Portable Charger


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The last thing travellers want when exploring far and away places is to run out of juice on their favourite device — not only is it inconvenient, but it can also be unsafe. The Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger has an upgraded capacity that allows it to charge an iPhone 8 almost five times or an iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9 3 times.

Its PowerIQ and Voltage Boost features deliver charges at max speed to any device. It is also light and compact, making it ideal for travel “with two high-speed USB ports contained in a portable charger smaller than a wallet.”

Prices for Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger start at $41.99 on

Durable, Multipurpose Backpack


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A staple for many travellers, a durable and reliable backpack can be more difficult to find than you might think. Luckily, Timbuk2 offers a superb option with The Authority Pack.

The bag combines style with efficiency with its internal organizers and rear-access laptop pocket that keeps devices protected while providing more space in the main compartment for other items.

Prices for Timbuk2 The Authority Pack start at $129 ($158 CAD) at

Packing Cubes


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Anyone who has gone anywhere ever knows that packing can be a huge pain. Who knows what you’ll need.

What if it rains? What if there’s a snowstorm? What if you finally conjure up the courage to wear that big floppy sun hat you bought ten years ago? — enter, packing cubes.

If you don’t want to succumb to the ultimate clich√© of sitting on your bag trying to zip it shut, packing cubes are the way to go.

Gonex offers a wide variety of options to ensure that your mind won’t explode, and neither will your suitcase.

Prices for Gonex Packing Cubes Luggage Travel Organizers start at $27.90 on

International Adaptor


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An international adapter is an ideal gift for any global traveller. It can be a nightmare to arrive at your destination to find that you can’t charge your devices because the outlets aren’t the same as they are back home.

You’re tired, drained, cranky, and all you want is to charge your phone. It’s like you’re back in preschool trying to fit a square block into a circle hole. It just doesn’t work.

The SKROSS PRO PLUS USB World Adapter cures this scenario by providing retractable input sockets for Europe, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, China, the UK, and the US.

Prices for SKROSS PRO PLUS USB World Adapter start at¬†‚ā¨54.90 ($80 CAD) at

Portable Luggage Scale


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Weight restrictions are the bane of many traveller’s existences, especially because different airlines around the world have varying limits regarding how much individual passengers can carry depending on their specific policy, the size of the aircraft, etc.

A luggage scale is a useful gift, especially for those collecting souvenirs from their journeys along the way, ensuring that they stay within the weight limits or be cursed by the ever-unforgiving overweight luggage fee.

The IG Hoosen Electronic Luggage Scale is a handheld scale that is easy to use and a must-have for frequent travellers.

All you have to do is hang your luggage on the attached strap and wait for the screen to show the weight of your bag in pounds, grams, ounces, or kilograms.

Prices for the IG Hoosen Electronic Luggage Scale start at R 150,00 ($13.55 CAD) at

Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones


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Airports and planes can be very noisy, and cords can provide an extra obstacle when you are continually removing and putting back on any backpacks, purses, etc. for various boarding and security purposes.

Noise-cancelling headphones that are also wireless pose a solution to two problems while being stylish to boot.

The Bose QC35 –QC stands for “QuietComfort” — headphones allow the wearer to get lost in whatever they are listening to without being disturbed.

Equipped with the power of Bose’s Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology, users can disconnect at the flip of a switch while the “noise fades and (their) music soars.”

The headphones also continuously measure, react, and compare outside noise to cancel it out with the opposite signal.

Prices for the Bose QC35 headphones start at $249.99 at

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