A restaurant in Thailand is using stuffed pandas for physical distancing

May 22 2020, 12:25 am

A Vietnamese restaurant located inĀ Bangkok, Thailand, is using an adorable yet effective method to promote physical distancing upon its reopening.

Maison Saigon is seating stuffed pandas at its tables to allow patrons to remain at a safe distance from one another, whether they are dining alone, as a couple, or with their family.

“We have pandas and clear panels to help keep the distance for you to be happy and healthy,” the restaurant writes in Thai on its Facebook.


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The objective of this measure is to provide a playful solution that will help ease the minds of customers while they enjoy their authentic Vietnamese meals.

Maison Saigon has also implemented a variety of strict safety measures that coincide with governmental restrictions and standards.Ā Such measures including spraying the tables, chairs, and pandas with disinfectant every time customers leave a table.

“The pandas will be extremely happy every morning to have the opportunity to fully sunbathe for 1 hour before coming to work in the shop,” the establishment continues. “To be a friend to sit, maintain social distance for everyone to eat delicious and safe food.”


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Maison Saigon is also offering a discount of 20% right now for customers.

These pandas are just one example of creative solutions that restaurants around the world have been establishing to promote physical distancing.

Other innovative solutions include a restaurant in the US using “bumper tables” and a cafe in Germany where guests can wear hats made of pool noodles.

With all the seriousness of restrictions and regulations, these inventive workarounds inject a bit of fun,Ā imagination, and humour that the world could use right about now.

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