A German cafe is using pool noodle hats to promote physical distancing

May 17 2020, 6:13 pm

While we may not necessarily be able to have pool parties right now, a cafe in Germany is bringing some nautical fun to their physical distancing enforcement through having customers wear pool noodle hats.

Cafe & Konditorei Rothe, located in Schwerin, Germany, posted a photo to their Facebook page from its reopening on May 9, showing customers sitting outside donning colourful and playful pool noodle hats as they were enjoying the sunshine on the establishment’s patio.

The concept is simple in reason and execution as the hats are meant to assist in maintaining the required two-metre physical distance space between patrons.

According to Jacqueline Rothe, one of the owners of the cafe, a local television station requested permission to shoot at the establishment to see how they were adhering to social distancing guidelines.

“As a surprise, the camera team brought a lot of pool noodle hats with them,” Rothe tells Mapped, initially in German. The owners proceeded to ask their customers if they would be willing to participate in the fun and, much to their delight, many people did.

“Nobody was forced to do it, but it was a funny action in this non-fun time, many people have a big smile on their faces. But it also shows in a humorous way how difficult it is for the catering trade if more than half of the seats are removed.”

The cafe posted a photo on May 7 showing its updated outdoor seating area with the caption “Ohhh man…1.5 m is really a lot 😫”

Rothe continues that Cafe & Konditorei Rothe is of course following all distancing and hygiene guidelines and requirements.

“Our pool noodle hats are now only intended for a funny photo in our café on the market.”

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