Air Canada and Delmar International team up to deliver PPE to healthcare workers

Apr 23 2020, 6:19 pm

Air Canada and Delmar International Inc. have joined forces to deliver over 25 million pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from China and transport them to healthcare workers across Canada.

In a press release, Delmar International explains how the suspension of passenger flights around the world has had a significant impact on the reduction of airfreight capacity, which presents a substantial challenge in delivering protective equipment promptly.

The company praised Air Canada for responding swiftly to their pressing need. Carmen Araujo, director of national air freight for Delmar International, explained in the release that Air Canada’s ability to be resourceful and utilize passenger aircraft for freight cargo has been truly valuable.

She explains that the airline has done so through remodelling the seating areas within the interior of commercial planes, securing appropriate landing rights and permits, as well as accommodating the various needs of flight crew workers.

Air Canada and Delmar International have been working diligently with both China and Canada to coordinate the various processes necessary to ensure that the flights are good to go.

Such processes include managing origin vendor orders, fulfilling requirements for export customs clearance, loading and transporting pallets, as well as preparing bulk quantities of freight and applying proper security protocols to assure that all PPE is secured and in guarded premises.


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The international initiative is being regulated by “daily business continuity methods” as well as leveraging the knowledge of more than 40 Delmar executives.

“This week, we are seeing the culmination of our planning and collaborative efforts to transport our clients’ urgent cargo – with the first wave of shipments in several of Delmar’s operated charters, as well as Air Canada’s Canada’s own passenger plane service offerings.” Mike Wagen, COO of Delmar International, said in the release.

“It is a testament of what we can accomplish by working together, no matter the situation.”

Delmar will continue to conduct charter flights and have “significant allocations of fixed capacity” for the daily Shanghai routes operated by Air Canada. These flights will provide a critical source for supplying crucial cargo space.

“Our partnership and collaboration have been crucial to providing a fluid supply chain to our healthcare system,” Vito Cerone, managing director of sales and commercial strategy at Air Canada Cargo explained in the release.

“Air Canada has been working tirelessly to supply uplift capacity for the Canadian market, and we will continue to move PPE into Canada, as long as it is needed.”

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