Adventure Canada is now offering expeditions to Antarctica

Nov 29 2019, 9:08 pm

After over 30 years of running explorations of the Arctic, Adventure Canada has announced that they will be listing new Antarctica expeditions for Winter 2021.

Launched in association with Chimu Adventures, three new voyages will be available for guests to embark on upon the 198-passenger Ocean Endeavour.

The entire purpose of building the vessel was to carry passengers to remote destinations and environments. Equipped with 20 Zodiac small watercraft, multiple lounges, advanced navigation equipment, and a top-deck observation room, the Ocean Endeavour boasts a 1B ice class, enabling her to explore throughout the Arctic.”


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Travellers will be able to choose from three expeditions.

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Explorer



Guests will travel on the Ocean Endeavour from Ushuaia, Argentina, to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula and back.

Travellers will have the opportunity to witness some of the unique bird and marine life of the southern ocean as they journey in the wake of great antarctic explorers.

According to the Adventure Canada website, “legendary Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia in an open boat is considered one of the greatest sea voyages in history.”

Guests can venture via Zodiac to witness firsthand the marvellous Antarctic ice and landscape up close.

When: January 17 to February 6, 2021
Cost: $13,990 – $23,990 USD ($18,575 – $31,853 CDN)

Journey to the Circle


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Guests travel from Ushuaia, Argentina to the Antarctic Penninsula and back while visiting the South Shetland Islands, which are rich in beauty and wildlife.

Visitors are encouraged to “join the fortunate few (conditions permitting) who have travelled below the Antarctic Circle,” and “add the great southern continent to your travel bucket list.”

Because of the drop in temperature when sailing towards Antarctica and crossing the Antarctic Convergence, travellers will have the unique opportunity to witness whales, seabirds, and other species attracted bt the “nutrient-rich waters” in their natural habitat.

Possible animals to see include albatross, elephant seals, several species of penguins, and dolphins.

When: January 5 to January 18, 2021
Cost: $7,990 – $17,990 USD ($10,611 – $23,888 CDN)

Discover Antarctica


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Guests will journey from Ushuaia, Argentina, to the South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Penninsula, and back.

Highlights of this expedition include witnessing wildlife unique to the Arctic in their element as well as enjoying regular excursions via Zodiac and landings amid breathtaking scenery comprised of glaciers, icebergs, and outstanding mountains — many of which were formed from volcanic activity.

When: February 5 to February 15, 2021 or February 14 to February 24, 2021
Cost: $6,490 – $16,990 USD ($8,618 – $22,562 CDN)

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