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To boost awareness of the Chevrolet Spark within the large urban markets of Toronto and Vancouver, Hive Labs was asked to create an integrated series featuring Spark as a perfect vehicle to get you to and from the best experiences happening in your city.   


Leveraging our expertise on the best of what’s happening in each city, a fully-integrated campaign was launched featuring articles, videos, and social posts. In each piece, the Chevrolet Spark took our hosts to and from the best of food, music, and fashion in the city.  

Our team shared their favourite spots around town, from burger joints to thrift stores and music venues. As a trusted source for urban events and happenings, the campaign perfectly captured the intersection of our readers’ interests and Chevrolet’s core messaging.




A total of six stories were written and distributed on three social channels, and a series of Instagram posts were photographed showing Spark in iconic city locations. Last but certainly not least, three videos were produced, then edited for both Facebook and Instagram. The result was a fully integrated campaign that positioned Chevrolet Spark as a forward-thinking brand that millennials would want to connect with.