Toronto Wolfpack first Canadian professional sports team to enter cannabis industry

May 13 2019, 10:28 pm

Toronto Wolfpack just became the latest player in the new cannabis industry with a line of CBD-infused products. This makes them the first Canadian pro sports team to take a weed sponsorship.

Their first product, a CBD-infused topical cream called ‘Rugby Strength,’ is expected to be released in the coming months by the team’s company, HowlBrands Inc. The team is also partnering with ICC International Cannabis Corp. and Organic Flower Investments Group Inc. to enter the industry.

This move sees the Toronto rugby team adding fuel to the fire of the ever-growing hyped-up CBD market, focusing not just on athletes, but on everyone who wishes to benefit from the relief that CBD provides.

“Anyone who experiences pain, soreness or physical discomfort can use Rugby Strength,” said Toronto Wolfpack Chairman David Argyle, in a release.

Other than topical creams, products in HowlBrands’ sights include fast-absorbing therapeutic relief balms, sport pain tinctures, soaks, and roll-ons.

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Once launched, the Wolfpack will be stepping into the CBD market that has been estimated to reach $22 billion (US) by 2022.

According to Eva Allouche, Head of Global Brands for HowlBrands, the company’s “goal is to bridge the gap between professional sports and CBD to offer athletes, active people and anyone who experiences physical discomfort, a range of unique wellness products that deliver the indisputable therapeutic benefits of hemp-based CBD.”

The team says that the products are all third-party tested, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and organic. And they have no plans in getting anyone stoned—all the products will contain zero THC.

In the spirit of sport, the team also says that proceeds of the topical cream ‘Rugby Strength’ will be “reinvested into the development of rugby around the world.”

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