Gift Guide 2019: Grow's Christmas list for the cannabis lover in your life

Dec 10 2019, 3:05 pm

While you’re making your list — and checking it twice — don’t forget to be nice to the cannabis user in your life. We’re a simple group to buy for, but with legalization has come an abundance of choice.

So whether you’re shopping for a joker, a smoker, or a midnight toker, we’ve got a suggestion for those of all persuasions.

The bougie burner: Golden rolling papers

Shine White Gold Papers

Diamonds are forever, but the glory of golden papers might last just a little bit longer. There are a few brands kicking around Canada to make it look like your giftee is rolling up Mr. T, and Shine’s products offer the chance to burn with some bling. These come in 24K gold as well as white gold.

The mayor of flavonoid town: The ultimate cookbook of cannabis flavour

cannabis lover


Michelin star chef John MacNeil has written a 62-page love letter cookbook full of tips and tricks on creative ways to infuse your cooking alongside various infusion methods. With blends of savoury and sweet recipes, you’ll be sure to find something that suits any palate. MacNeil understands that cannabis comes with its own flavours and how those tastes can be incorporated into dishes that bring mental elevation along with delectable flavours.

Keep it secret, keep it safe: Climate controlled biometric stash box

The future is now. Give a gift that lets them store Cheech like it’s 2099 in a climate-controlled, biometrically locked cannabis container. KEEP offers a simple and discreet package that looks like an alarm clock. The app for your phone will also let you know if the box is moved and if anyone is trying to get inside. It’s the 21st century — act like it.

Old man and the weed: A classic pipe to feel alright

cannabis lover

Friendly Stranger

If your list features a person of red-eyed distinction, give them a pipe to match. Maybe as a teenager it was okay to be sucking smog out of a glass pipe shaped like Homer Simpson, but it’s a new year. If the stoner in your life has hit their Hemingway phase, get them to slip into a smoking jacket, shearling bomber, or sea captain’s uniform and puff away on this Futo Freehand applewood pipe from the Friendly Stranger.

Road warrior: A tokin’ hot travel kit


Perfect for road trips and the smoker on the go, upgrade your loved one to a classic Milkweed kit that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. The wax canvas case holds most vapes and cell phones while also coming with papers, tips, a vaporizer, grinder card, lighter, and a “Provisions Tin.” You’ll be ready for any adventure, except crossing the border (seriously, don’t do that).

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