How to find the right type of cannabis for someone on your list

Dec 5 2019, 7:51 pm

The holidays are here, and if you’re looking to treat yourself — or someone on your list — we’ve got you covered with the cannabis products that are popular this season.

If you’re new to cannabis or simply not a cannabis connoisseur, it can be difficult to understand labels or doses when you’re buying for yourself — or even for Aunt Susan.

One Canadian Cannabis company breaks down its products based on the desired outcome that customers are looking for, making it easier to decide what suits your lifestyle this holiday season and into the new year.

Hobo Cannabis Company is located across the country, with three stores in Vancouver, one in Kelowna, one in Ottawa, and stores opening in Alberta in the new year.

Depending on what your intention is when using cannabis, you may be looking for a specific ratio of THC to CBD to provide the desired effects.

Based on a user’s lifestyle, understanding labels and doses can be key to choosing the right product.

A product that is predominantly THC, but more sativa driven, “would get you up and moving, and is something maybe you can take before you go to the gym, or maybe before having a big day,” said Stuart Ryan, a Vancouver based bud-tender with Hobo Cannabis Company to Daily Hive.

Ryan says he would recommend products that “THC-leaning,” with a lesser dose of THC, for more of a creative experience, “if you’re not trying to get too high, but also trying to get yourself a little boost of energy.”

Products with a “one-to-one,” combination, or an almost-equal ratio of THC and CBD,  would be best suited for a new consumer.

“It’s not really overwhelming in terms of its effects, so it’s a good place to start for people to know whether they’re looking for more THC or if that is a good place for them,” said Ryan.

CBD-dominant products are more for “someone who is trying to approach cannabis in more a holistic way and is looking for the holistic benefits” said Ryan.

Products that are THC dominant, but indica-leaning, are more for rest and relaxation as opposed to getting you up and moving.

Ryan says that while product trends have stayed fairly steady, things are expected to change with edibles rolling out soon.

“Right now we’re still moving through flower as well as pre-rolls, pre-rolls being easy grab and go items for people.”

He says capsules and oils don’t move as well, but are suited to people looking for more of a holistic approach.

“In somewhere like Kitsilano we have a big push for CBD, because these are mostly people who are more so concerned with overall health and wellness,” said Ryan.

“One thing people can always look to in terms of gift giving is CBD. It’s a great place to start maybe for an older generation that may have their doubts about cannabis. because you likely won’t feel psychoactive effects.”

Ryan says that regardless, each individual may have different responses, so he always recommends you try products in a safe place.

Vaporizers are also a popular product in stores and an easy gift for the holidays, says Ryan.

“What people are really excited about are vaporizers, people are looking for that because its really easy, and super discrete.”

Edibles are expected to hit the market early next year, and while consumers anticipate the added retail options, stores like Hobo Cannabis are bracing for the new frontier.

“If we look to our Southern counterparts where they already have edibles and vapes, we’re going to notice a decline in flower sales and much more of an increase in terms of the edibles,” said Ryan.

“Right now capsules and oils are an area that don’t do statistically as well as flower for us, but with the addition of newer products coming for edibles, we will really see a push in those edible products.”

If you’re purchasing for someone else, says Ryan, it’s important to look into the categories and desired effects, and “find out if when or why this person is consuming, and the consumption method.”

Regardless of who you’re buying for, Ryan says it’s important to remember to “start low and go slow.”

“We’re always going to make the recommendation for anyone to spend some time with the product to assess whether a product is for them, especially when buying for other people — even if they are a cannabis user.”

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