There's an exclusive cannabis-infused dinner popping up in Toronto this month

Feb 4 2020, 8:34 pm

Cannabis-infused foods now run the gamut from low-power, unmistakably flora-tasting brownies to commodified products that live on store shelves.

What was once a strictly at-home endeavour for those who wanted to eat their smoke, edibles have been lauded as a healthier alternative to burning a joint, without the gadgetry required for vaping.

Yet for those who want to take food to the level where it’s an intricate work of both love and labour, one city chef has created a dining experience that relies upon the flavours and effects of cannabis to complement, rather than simply accompany, a multi-course meal.

That is the philosophy behind the cannabis lifestyle brand‘s infused dinner series, Enlightened Dining Club.

“We believe in redefining modern cooking by celebrating the plant as the focal point of a meal, rather than a side-thought,” wrote chef Ted Corrado on the menu.

“For us that means three things: always following the seasons, shining a light on both beloved and under-utilized fruit and vegetables, and always making use of the whole plant — root to stem. This philosophy allows us to make your dining experience healthier, with many of our dishes featuring adaptogens and superfoods that heighten both flavour and wellness.”

The dinners focus on sustainable ingredients from trusted producers, farmers, fishermen, and culinary artisans. Instead of merely adding cannabis infusion, strains are picked like any other ingredient, for their flavour profile and impact on the patron.


“Plants are always at the heart of our cooking, however, if guests do want meat or seafood, we use it very much in a supporting role,” Corrado wrote. “Through all of our suppliers we are committed to only using ethically raised and sustainably sourced ingredients. Our menu is driven by the best of what’s in season at that moment, and sourced from close relationships we have with farmers, fishermen, and artisans across Ontario and Canada.”

The evening will start with lightly infused canapes and non-alcoholic cocktails. Low dosages are intended to make it an accessible event for those looking to dip a toe into the worlds of both fine dining and cannabis — it’s a good starting point.


At about 2 mg apiece, however, if you’re a more seasoned edibles connaisseur then it might behoove you to go a little nuts on the charred eggplant, pine nuts, and mint bruschetta or the oysters on the half shell with sherry mignonette.

The meal itself takes place in a room of constantly shifting projections and images. The tables are lit by phasing LEDs, and the walls are bathed in streaming projections. Usually of simple images and patterns, the images change and react as diners and servers walk past. It’s interesting enough that even the uninebriated will occasionally find themselves drifting off into prolonged staring.

In total, diners will consume about 10 mg of THC.


Served over four courses, not every aspect of this meal is infused — and servers will let you know what is and is not. The idea is not to overwhelm attendees with the effects of cannabis but rather use it to enhance the experience of the meal and the space.

Moreover, the dessert is practically an experience in itself, something definitely worth indulging in before it’s time to go. They also feature strains with a higher CBD content to mellow out the rest of the evening.

Tickets went on sale on Tuesday, and a seat costs $160 for infused plates and $140 for non-infused.


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Enlightened Dining Club

When: Thursday, February 27
Where: Partisans — 950 Dupont Street
Admission: $140 to $160, available online

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