BC Ferries has 'no specific policy' regarding customers and cannabis

Oct 18 2018, 3:22 am

With cannabis legalization now in full effect, BC Ferries said that while it doesn’t have a “specific policy” with respect to customers and cannabis, the act of smoking anything, anywhere on BC Ferries property is prohibited.

“The only related policy that may be applicable is our smoke-free policy for all terminals and vessels in our network, as this includes cigarettes, vaping, cannabis cigarettes, etc,” said BC Ferries spokesperson, Darin Guenette, who noted that the company’s smoke-free policy has been in place for a year.

On its website, BC Ferries said it introduced a smoke-free environment “for the health and wellness of our customers and employees as it helps reduce their exposure to second-hand smoke.”

As for cannabis use by its employees, Guenette told Daily Hive that, as a marine transportation company “accountable for the safety and security of the travelling public and our employees, safety is our number one priority.”

This, he said, means “we practice zero tolerance because our workplace must be alcohol and drug-free. It’s important that employees report to work and remain fit to safely and effectively perform their responsibilities at all times.”

Guenette said that under the company’s guidelines, “fitness in our workplace means neither ‘under the influence’ or ‘impaired in any manner’ that may affect such things as judgement, situational awareness, reaction time, motor skills or emotions.”

He noted that this policy has already been in place for many years, “so this is not new” with cannabis legalization.

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