BC driver slammed with over $900 in fines after allegedly throwing lit joint out of car window

Jul 29 2019, 11:00 pm

A BC driver received a hefty fine after allegedly throwing a lit joint out of their car window.

According to the Saanich PD Traffic unit (SPD), the driver was ticketed $937 for multiple infractions on Monday morning — including $575 for tossing the burning joint, $253 for speeding in a playground zone, and $109 for failing to change their address on their identification.

“To make it worse they were smoking a marijuana cigarette while driving,” noted SPD.

SPD said “this driver did not listen” to their previous warning issued days before, instructing motorists that throwing lit cigarettes out of their car windows would land them with fines enforced by both the BC Wildfire Act and the Motor Vehicle Act.

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