A Look Inside: The "Stranger Things" Creel House is up for sale for $1.5M (PHOTOS)

Nov 3 2022, 8:24 pm

If you’re looking to own a piece of Netflix history, you might want to take a look at the listing for 906 East 2nd Avenue home in Rome, Georgia, better known as the Creel House from the hit series Stranger Things.

Halloween has come and gone, but this would make the perfect spot for hosting a spooky party. The seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom home should look quite familiar for fans of the series, which is a creeptastic delight for the eyes.

A cheeky listing states, “in a stranger turn of events, the iconic ‘Creel House’ can be yours!”

While $1.5 million might seem steep, try finding a deal like that in Vancouver, or other expensive Canadian markets, for a piece of pop culture history like the Creel House.

Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc./Zillow

The home was constructed way back in 1882, but it is in pristine condition, perhaps thanks to the “dramatic makeover” it underwent for the show. The listing also suggests that “entering the home is an unforgettable experience.”

Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc./Zillow

According to the listing, fans will recognize features of the home that were “prominently featured” in the show’s fourth season.

Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc./Zillow

“An unparalleled provenance and pop culture pedigree translate to a one-of-a-kind opportunity that won’t last long. Time is of the essence,” reads the listing.

Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc./Zillow

In terms of improvements that the home has undergone, the roof, plumbing, and electrical have all been replaced in the last two years.

The listing suggests that the estate was once converted into a popular bed and breakfast, offering a glimpse into the opportunities awaiting the future owner.

Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc./Zillow

Popular Twitter account @zillowgonewild calls it one of the “most perfect Victorians we’ve ever seen!!!”

stranger things house

Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc./Zillow

Netflix also posted about the sale on Instagram, saying, “v cute v nice but 10/10 do not recommend going in attic….”

One person quipped, “nothing can convince me to live there.”

So, would you jump in if you had the money? Or does this home bring back too many spooky memories?

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