Steve Urkel actor jumps on Oilers bandwagon and his favourite player is Evander Kane

May 11 2023, 6:23 pm

The Edmonton Oilers’ Game 4 victory over the Vegas Golden Knights offered plenty of storylines, perhaps none better than finding out Jaleel White is a fan of the Alberta squad. The 46-year-old actor, best known for playing Steve Urkel on Family Matters, was in the building to witness the Oilers’ 4-1 win.

White was first shown to fans on the Rogers Place jumbotron when doing the Oilers’ popular “separated at birth” segment during a TV timeout. To end the segment, the screen showed a picture of Urkel, only to then display White seconds after.

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Edmonton Oilers

The crowd roared as White began doing his best to pump them up, all while sporting a blue Connor McDavid Oilers jersey and chain.

“I went to your game in LA last week, and I was pressured into coming up here and checking out this revenge game tonight. I’m rooting for you guys,” White said in an interview with Jessica Kent of Oilers TV.

“The second best steak I’ve ever had in my life I had in Edmonton. So I have tremendous respect for Alberta beef.”

White also joined the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast, speaking with Sportsnet’s Gene Principe during the second intermission.

“You guys are great,” White told Principe when referring to the Oilers. “You’re a legacy organization. I’m a basketball and football guy, but I can still appreciate a legacy organization. Edmonton hockey is something special.”

Becoming an Oilers fan wasn’t something White was born into, but a friend quickly helped the California native develop his passion for the team.

“You know what, one of your biggest fans, whenever he comes to LA, he always invites me to your playoff games,” White explained. “I’ll sneak into [ Arena], and I’m actually rooting for you guys.”

Despite admittedly not being the biggest hockey fan, it hasn’t taken White long to figure out who his favourite Oilers player is.

“My guy on the ice is actually Evander Kane,” said White. “I just like the way he lays the wood, man.”

While known by many for his portrayal of Urkel, White has plenty of projects he is continuing to work on nowadays.

“I’m actually going to be in a new series on Disney Plus, starring Jude Law called Skeleton Krew. It’s coming out in November or December. It’s part of the Star Wars universe, so that’s change for me man. I have to do two hours of makeup every day, and I get to play a pirate.”







Whether it’s that White is a good luck charm or simply that the Oilers showed up in this one, the results were night and day from what had been a disappointing 5-1 loss just two nights prior.

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With this series now even at 2-2, the Oilers and Golden Knights will head back to Las Vegas for Game 5 at T-Mobile Arena on Friday night.

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