You can now rent out backyard pools Airbnb-style in Edmonton (PHOTOS)

Aug 18 2021, 1:11 pm

Looking to enjoy the summer by making a splash in an outdoor pool? Well, you can now rent out backyard pools Airbnb-style in Edmonton.

You read that right, you can actually rent out other people’s backyard pools like an Airbnb right here in Edmonton.

A company called Swimply is letting users rent out backyard pools by the hour for a private swim experience. The website is an online marketplace similar to Airbnb where homeowners can list their pools for rent.

Currently there are just two spots listed in Edmonton, with prices ranging from $24 to $75 an hour.

Owners can also set limits on how many people are allowed in the pool.

Swimply (Tyler)

Swimply (Ian)

Some locations features lounge chairs, a lunch table, a diving board and a hot tub to really turn up the party.

Hosts aren’t obligated to allow guests access to a bathroom, but about 85% of currently Swimply hosts do, according to the company. Hosts who don’t have washroom facilities available for use can only rent the pool for one hour at a time to a maximum of five guests.

Swimply also operates Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Winnipeg.

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