Oilers to reintroduce Oil Gear jersey for Reverse Retro series: report

Mar 9 2022, 9:11 pm

The Oil Gear is making a return to Edmonton.Ā 

According to TSN’s Tom Gazzola, the inaugural third jersey from the Edmonton Oilers is reportedly making a comeback in the form of a Reverse Retro offering.Ā 

The jersey, designed by legendary comic book artist and writer Todd McFarlane, will reportedly receive an updated makeover before arriving on the ice next season.

“The NHL is reintroducing the Reverse Retro program next season, and look for the Oilers to bring back the Todd McFarlane jersey with a new look or new colour twist to it,” Gazzola told The Oil Stream co-host, Dustin Nielson, on Wednesday. “The Oil Gear will be returning next year, and it sounds like it’ll just have a renewed look and some new colours.”

The Reverse Retro series was initially rumoured to return in January.

The Oil Gear served as the first, third jersey for the Oilers and celebrated its 20th anniversary last October.

“A lot of fans have been asking for this jersey to come back, and I think this is a good move by the team to bring it back,” Gazzola told DailyHive. “Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.”

The jersey, conceived by Spawn creator McFarlane and Brent Ashe, was originally unveiled on October 26, 2001, and was worn the next night in a 3-2 win against the Vancouver Canucks on Hockey Night in Canada.Ā 

At the time, the navy, silver, and white colour scheme was a bit of a departure from the regular blue and orange the Oilers had featured. Its logo was a traditional oil drop positioned on an angle and surrounded by inner and outer gear shapes. The five rivets featured on the design represent the five Stanley Cups won in Edmonton’s history.

“We wanted it to be a hockey jersey but also a good wear if you were just walking down the street,” McFarlane told Edmonton Journal fashion writer Jean Fraser at the time of its release.

The jersey was worn from 2001 to 2007.

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