Oilers are the most Googled team in Ethiopia and these six other countries

Feb 5 2022, 6:49 pm

The Edmonton Oilers are the most Googled team in Germany. 

It’s not hard to draw a line between the two connection points, with the Oilers currently rostering the best German-born hockey player of all-time in Leon Draisaitl — the NHL’s current second-leading scorer and former Art Ross, Hart Memorial and Ted Lindsay Award winner.¬†

Edmonton garnered 27,100 searches in Germany last year.

But Ghana? How about Iraq? Mix in some Ghana and Guatemala, with a dash of Kuwait, Lebanon, or Ethiopia? 

A little more curious. 

But that’s the case, probably helped a little bit by the fact the Oilers also have Connor McDavid — widely regarded as the best hockey player on the planet.¬†

And the numbers don’t lie.¬†



Sports betting outlet SportsHandle released the numbers on the most-searched NHL teams by country, according to Google, showing which franchises are tops in different regions around the world. 

SportsHandle used Google Keyword Planner to search volume for NHL teams across the globe, and compiled figures using the average monthly search for the last 12 months. SportsHandle noted they were unable to find search volume for the Montreal Canadiens. 

Edmonton can also lay claim, at least partially, to the most searched player, too. 

Even though he’s been out of the league for 20 years.¬†

According to SportsHandle, Wayne Gretzky remains the most searched NHL player, active or retired. Gretzky garners more googles than McDavid and Sidney Crosby — the two most searched active players in the NHL.¬†

Gretzky, of course, won four Stanley Cups with Edmonton in the 1980s and holds virtually every existing offensive NHL record, including an incredible 894 goals, 1,963 assists, and 2,857 points. Of those, 1,669 points came as a member of the Oilers from 1979-1988.

Edmonton outdid their provincial rival in the data, too. 

The Calgary Flames were the most searched team in just one country — Romania — giving the Oilers the nod in the digital Battle of Alberta.

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