K-Days 2022: New food announced for the 10-day Edmonton event

Jul 15 2022, 8:31 pm

K-Days is almost here!

Running from July 22 to 31 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre & Exhibition Grounds, it also means some fun eating is just a week away.

Sure, the Calgary Stampede is known for its wild Midway foods to try, but K-Days food is no slouch. It might even be better?

This year’s K-Days New Foods items are going to be incredible, with some traditional eats as well as excellent new options.

From sweet to salty, here are …. wild food dishes to look for at this year’s K-Days.

Brisket Taco



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Taco trucks are a must, and this one is bringing seriously high quality to the dish.

Slow-roasted brisket is cooked in-house, which is then sliced thick and placed on a tortilla, topped with fresh greens and pickled red onions. Mango citrus aioli, or any one of the other delicious in-house sauces, are then drizzled on top.

Buttered French Toast

The Little Donut Bakery

Whoa…donuts meet French toast. it makes so much sense.

Grab a regular or corn fritter little donut with either cinnamon sugar or icing sugar, and butter syrup of course.

Cheesy Korean Rice Dog

Corndog King

K-Days Corn Dogs

Dished/Daily Hive

Corn dogs are always king at K-Days, and this hand-dipped spot has some wild ones. There are the classic options, but there are also pickle stuffed corn dogs, Korean dogs, and more.

Coffee Crisp Mini Donuts

Ogopogo Mini Donuts

You were already going to get mini-donuts, so why wouldn’t you try the ones with powdered sugar, crushed Coffee Crisp crumble, and a sweet Coffee Crisp glaze?

Cotton Candy Noodles

Salt Spring Noodle Bar

These sound absolutely wild…but you have to try them. Right?

Curly Fried Cheese Curd Poutine

Curly’s Cheese Curds

k-days poutine

Dished/Daily Hive

What could make poutine better? Curly fries.

Sure, there heavy and may be extremely high in calories, but that’s what carnival-style food is all about.

Dry Fruit Ice Dish

Freezing Hub Food Truck

These will be a refreshing treat on a hot day and also one of the most Instagrammable dishes at K-Days this year.

Four flavours of shaved ice will be available, topped with different dried fruits, assorted nuts, shredded coconut, caramel syrup, and ice cream, all with a cherry on top.

Godzilla Fries

Street Dogs

These massive fries from the popular Street Dogs truck come with a sticky sweet teriyaki glaze, tangy Japanese mayo, nori, and a hint of furikake seasoning.

Mac and Cheese Soft Serve Ice Cream

Summerland Soft Serve

k-days soft serve mac

Dished/Daily Hive

Obviously one of the most strange food options at the 10-day celebration this year, there’s an entire food vendor dedicated to serving up mac and cheese flavoured soft-serve ice cream. It was probably the biggest hit at the Calgary Stampede this year.

Korean Squid Ink Corndog

Big Coco’s

k-days corn dog

Dished/Daily Hive

Another Korean offering from the Corndog King, this fish-shaped corn dog is crunchy on the outside and coloured black from the use of salty squid ink.

Pickle Lemonade

Drink A Fruit, From The Fruit!

k-days pickle

Dished/Daily Hive

Whether it’s an unfriendly hangover or pure curiosity that draws you to this unique beverage, we can assure you it actually tastes better than it sounds. Think pickle-infused lemonade with a spicy twist.

Pop Rocks Popcorn Chicken

Chicky’s Chicken

k-days pop rocks

Dished/Daily Hive

This is the culinary explosion of two very unlikely foods: chicken fingers and pop rocks.

Fried chicken goes great with sweet flavours, so why not use these popping candies to make it a little more fun. You can even hear it crackling when it’s served to you.

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