Gigi's: Walk-up window ice cream shop opens in Edmonton-area

May 26 2022, 10:03 pm

Gigi’s, an interesting new ice cream shop with a twist, has opened near Edmonton.

This Spruce Grove spot is worth the trip, with many unique flavours and creations that you won’t find anywhere else.

Inspired by cheesecake, Gigi’s is the classic walk-up window style of service that makes the entire experience feels nostalgic.

The flavours of ice cream on the menu here are pretty standard (in a good way).

Chocolate, black cherry, cookie dough, butter pecan, peanut butter crunch, and orange cream are just a handful of the regular ice cream flavours here.

It’s the cheesecake ice cream that really makes a visit here a special one.

Right now, there are three of these cheesecake-inspired ice creams – Turtle, white chocolate raspberry, and strawberry cheesecake are the varieties that you have to go for when you try this place out.

Just think of the cheesy, decadent flavour and texture of cheesecake and combine that with cold and fluffy ice cream.

There are also a few signature creations to give a try.

Banana splits, cookie dough bowls, and the incredible cereal ball, made with cereal milk ice cream, a blend of Honey Nut Cheerios, and a honey drizzle.

Summertime is here, and that means it’s ice cream season!

Gigi’s Ice Cream

Address: 96 Campsite Road, Spruce Grove


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