Best bucket list eats to try in Edmonton at least once

May 4 2023, 5:01 pm

From pastry treats to juicy brisket, there are plenty of restaurants with bucket list eats you need to try in Edmonton at least once.

So whether you are just visiting the city or you are a born and raised Edmontonian, take a look at this list and see how many bucket list eats you can check off and how many you still need to try.

Bagels from New York Bagel Cafe

A staple in Edmonton’s brunch scene, New York Bagel Cafe offers pretty much any bagel you can think of, accompanied by delicious sides of egg and buttery hollandaise sauce. Its small setting makes it a desirable, busy place any morning of the week. Knock it off that bucket list ASAP!

Address: 8430 Gateway Boulevard NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780-432-2003


Cinnamon buns from Highlevel Diner


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They are huge, and boy, are they tasty. Highlevel Diner’s cinnamon buns are in a league of their own, and if your heart desires, you can add on a healthy coating of cream cheese icing or caramel bourbon sauce. Have one at the diner, and snaffle onto a six-pack to take home.

Address: 10912 88 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Phone: 780-433-0993


Brisket from MEAT


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Located in Old Strathcona, MEAT serves up juicy, delicious dishes that border on legendary for their flavour. The Beef Brisket is mouth-watering, as are their BBQ Pork Ribs. Going with the one-pound brisket and full rack of ribs is a safe bet – you’re going to want leftovers. Their side dishes are delicious as well, with their mac and cheese or fries being the perfect complement.

Address: 8216 104 Street Edmonton
Phone: 587-520-6338


Green Onion Cakes from Green Onion Cake Man


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Having green onion cakes is almost a rite of passage in Edmonton, and there is no better location to grab some than from the Green Onion Cake Man. Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, you’re going to want to eat them ALL at once.

Address: 9132 118 Avenue NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780-760-2115


Pasta from Pasta Pantry


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We know it’s just outside of Edmonton, but who doesn’t mind a little drive when you can get a truly delicious bowl of pasta? Pasta Pantry in Sherwood Park is that good, and that’s why it’s on this list. Their portions are plentiful, filling, and tremendously tasty. You’ll instantly become a fan, and you’ll be going back for more and more.

Address: 305-101 Granada Boulevard, Sherwood Park
Phone: 780-467-3777


Ice Cream from Kind Ice Cream


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Small batch ice cream just hits different, and Kind Ice Cream is the spot to go whether it is 30°C or -30°C out, it is THAT good. The menu has flavours like Mint Chip, Cold Brew Coffee, Maple Bourbon Pecan, Cookies and Sour Cream, and vegan mud pie. They also sometimes have limited time favourites, like Dunkaroos and Deep’n Delicious, too.

Highlands Address: 6507 112th Avenue, Edmonton
Phone: 780-474-5547

Oliver Address: Oliver Exchange Building – 12021 102nd Avenue, Edmonton
Phone: 780-509-8746

Ritchie Address: 9551 76 Avenue, Edmonton
Phone: 587-759-0080


Curry Chicken from Padmanadi


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This restaurant creates Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, and Indian dishes with a tasty vegan and vegetarian spin. Its crown creation is its curry chicken, bursting with rich yellow curry coconut with veggie chicken, potatoes, and vegetables. It’s a bucket list eat, that’s for sure.

Address: 10740 101 Street NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780-428-8899


Calzones from Battista’s Calzone

Arguably the best spot in Edmonton to get a calzone, Battista’s Calzone ensures their calzones are jam-packed with ingredients and flavour. If you are in the mood for one of the best calzones you can get your hands on, just make sure the craving hits on the weekend — they are only open from 10 am to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Address: 11745 84 Street NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780-885-8086


Po’Boys at DaDeO


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A classic ’50s diner vibe mixed in with New Orleans & southern favourites, a po’boy from DaDeO’s is a must. With 15 different ones to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down a favourite, so why not just try them all?

Address: 10548a Whyte Avenue, Edmonton
Phone: 780-433-0930


Macarons from Duchess Bake Shop


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When you see a lineup snaking down 124 Street, you know you must be near Duchess Bake Shop. The shop has a legendary reputation for its pastries, especially its macarons. With their macaron classic menu and their seasonal specials, it’s a sweet treat you’ll want to bite into.

Address: 10718 124 Street, Edmonton 
Phone: 780-488-4999


Pizza from High Dough


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If you are on the hunt for some of the best Detroit-style deep-dish pizza in Edmonton, look no further than High Dough. Made in a deep-dish style, the signature pizzas at High Dough have tons of fresh toppings. If you’re feeling creative, you can even build your own however you’d like. Their menu is stacked with playful titles like “You Make Me Thick,” “Donair, Don’t Care,” or the notable “Kim’s Convenience” pizza.

Address: 7341 104 Street, Edmonton 
Phone: 780-757-4460


Steak from LUX Steakhouse

Using the finest of choice cuts of Alberta Beef, this steakhouse has a huge amount of high-quality steaks with tons of enhancers and escorts. If you are out on the town and want a steak, this is the place to be heading to!

Address: 10150 101st Street NW, Edmonton


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