We checked out Edmonton’s highly anticipated new BBQ joint (PHOTOS)

Apr 25 2022, 6:14 pm

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit opened in Edmonton days ago, and people still seem to be churning out to get a taste of the massive menu.

When it opened last Thursday there were long lines, and the restaurant had a “Sorry, sold out” sign on its front door by 6 pm. Edmonton couldn’t wait to try Dickey’s first location in Canada!

When we visited at around 5 pm this past weekend, there was a line snaking its way through the restaurant. The line was somewhat daunting, waiting around 40 minutes before getting the chance to order.

You get to watch your meat being prepared right in front of you as you order, before moving along to grab some sides and drinks.

Laine Mitchell/Daily Hive

Laine Mitchell/Daily Hive

A glance at the extensive menu full of smoked meats, sauces, sides, sandwiches, drinks, and more, all available in flexible combos and daily deals.

Meats by the pound are great for sharing here, like brisket, pulled pork, burnt ends, or marinated chicken breast, to name a few. These meats and more can also be ordered as a sandwich, with different sauces and toppers.

For the first dish, we opted for the half-pound of brisket, along with a large helping of mac and cheese.

We actually were told we ordered from the last brisket available that day, with an employee adding that the staff keeps adding more and more each day but keeps running out. Edmontonians are sure eating Dickey’s right up!

Laine Mitchell/Daily Hive

Turning to the two-plate meal, we filled our plate with sausage and turkey with a side of fries and beans.

We’ll be honest here and say it’s still good barbecue, however, there are plenty of other local spots in Edmonton that offer just as good if not better smoked meats.

If you are hoping for a quick pop-in to grab a bite and then depart, you also may want to wait a few weeks until the crowds somewhat die down at the restaurant. Having visited twice now and seeing lineups both times on different days, the demand is certainly strong for this place.

Laine Mitchell/Daily Hive

Laine Mitchell/Daily Hive

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Edmonton

Address: 5125 Mullen Road NW, Edmonton


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