Deadmonton announced its 2022 themes and we can't wait for Halloween

Aug 2 2022, 9:53 pm

Ready to get scared? Edmonton’s iconic Deadmonton has revealed its 2022 themes and the two spooky haunted houses that will send chills down your spine.

This year’s themes are Icons of Darkness, the indoor attraction, and Return of the Living Dead, the outdoor attraction.


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The Deadmonton website went into detail about the 2022 themes, describing Icons of Darkness as “Nestled into your favourite spot on the couch with your security blanket and a bowl of popcorn. Youā€™re ready for your favourite horror movie. As the door creaks and the music intensifies, your heart races as you dig your nails deeper into the fabric that shields you. The slaughter begins! You scream, you pull your blanket over your eyes, popcorn everywhere and you pray heā€™s not waiting for you. No wonder this movie has become so famous. No wonder it keeps you up at night. Since the first time you saw it, this film has haunted your dreams.”

We are scared just reading that description, it’s going to be so good!

As for Return of the Living Dead, Deadmonton said “For more than a century horror films have brought you the most intense, terrifying characters. Spine chilling iconic horror figures that no one would dare encounter on a cold, murky night. Most have come and gone, and are nothing but a distant memory. Until now!”

Regular admission to either show is $29.99 or you can skip the line and get a speed pass for $44.99.

If you are looking for double the scare, regular admission to both shows costs $36.99, and the speed pass is $52.99.

If tickets are sold out online, you are in luck. Tickets will be sold at the door, but you may have to wait a bit to be accommodated.

Plan on being at Deadmonton for at least two hours. There is a wait to enter each show plus the time you’ll spend enjoying the food, drinks, and entertainment in the compound.

Deadmonton Haunted Houses

When:Ā September 23 to October 31. LIGHTS OUT event is November 3 to 5
Where:Ā 7031 Gateway Boulevard,Ā Edmonton

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