6 great places to grab a bite to eat at Edmonton International Airport

Mar 10 2022, 11:45 pm

Travelling seems to be opening up for people, and with so many amazing cheap deals, you might be spending some more time at Edmonton International Airport.

More time at the airport means more time to kill.

Whether you’re way too early for your flight, waiting on a delayed flight, or looking to celebrate your vacation early, you’ll want to know the best places to go to.

Luckily, we’ve made a list so you know exactly where to go, depending on where your gate is, of course.

Here are six of the best food spots in Edmonton International Airport.



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Of course this iconic airport spot made the list. This is where you go for drinks between flights to celebrate, or to enjoy mix-and-match fajitas at completely inappropriate times. Going to this airport Chili’s is less of a decision as it is a necessary tradition.

Belgian Beer CafĂŠ

Calling all beer lovers! The menu here has a wide variety of Belgian beers and an extensive menu of Belgian-inspired cuisine. Take a trip here before you take a trip elsewhere, unless it’s to Belgium, where you’re better off waiting.

Caffè Sorrentino

Coffee is many people’s best friend in an airport, and grabbing a delicious one at a cozy cafe is even better. Serving Lavazza coffee, this spot is an authentic Italian cafe you can visit before travelling to Italy!

Delux Burger Bar


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Burgers, mini donuts, and over 50 beers — what else could you need? There’s also some amazing salads on the menu here as a healthier option, if that’s your thing.

HALO Bar & Bistro


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Looking for a casual-chic restaurant serving bistro-style comfort food in a vibrant atmosphere? Then HALO is where you need to go. Cuisine is often the most exciting part of vacations, and stopping in here is just getting to it a little early.

Upper Crust


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Upper Crust is a fairly new spot located in the Upper Hall of Edmonton International Airport. Hand-filled sandwiches packed with fresh ingredients and barista-style coffee is the best way to recharge before or after a flight.

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