Canadian comedian celebrates Zellers comeback in nostalgic tribute (VIDEO)

Mar 23 2023, 2:42 pm

Today’s the day.

Lucky shoppers in Ontario and Alberta finally get the chance to relive their childhoods as Zellers officially opens.

In celebration of the discount retail chain’s comeback, Canadian comedian Stewart Reynolds (aka Brittlestar) released a video filled with references that’ll definitely unlock your childhood memories.

Titled “BETTER THAN I REMEMBER (Zellers is),” Brittlestar lives every kid’s dream of having free reign of a department store after hours.

He dances through the new Zellers to the beat of his catchy song.

“I never thought that we’d be here tonight (in a Zellers),” he sings while wearing a red Zellers sweater. “Back where everything feels so right (the Bay part’s a little weird).”

“How can something so familiar, feel so brand new? (Maybe I was too big for the Ferris wheel?)” he sings, alluding to the tiny, one-seater Zeddy Ferris wheel that you had to beg your mom to let you ride on.

His red fever dream is interrupted by a Zellers employee (a cameo by Brittlestar’s mom, Bette Reynolds).

“Hey! What are you doing?” she yells.

“I’m just a little excited,” Brittlestar replies, encapsulating how most Canadians are feeling about the return.

That’s when we get a glimpse of a furry limb that quickly scurries away. Could it be the department store’s iconic mascot, Zeddy?

If this video doesn’t hype you up to visit your nearest Zellers, we don’t know what will.

Daily Hive also got a sneak peek of the new store in Toronto, which you can check out here before you see it for yourself.

You can also check out our review of the Zellers Diner menu, which is back in food truck form on opening day for one day only, so don’t miss out!

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