Twitter reacts passionately to snack brands disappearing from Canada

Dec 2 2022, 10:34 pm

There’s been a string of sad news lately when it comes to a few of our favourite snack brands in Canada.

Whether it’s sweet baked desserts or savoury pizza snacks, the shelves might seem like they’re missing some key items. It’s heartbreaking to find out, and we’re sorry for being the bearer of bad news.

In many cases, people were seeking answers on social media to find the truth about the sudden disappearances of these nostalgic snacks. Maybe there’s hope to see these tasty brands back in Canada, but for right now, the future of these much-loved foods is up in the air.

Three hugely popular three snack brands that were recently discovered to not be available in Canada anymore are Little Debbie, Bugles, and Bagel Bites.

Little Debbie is known for its long product line of single-serving package baked goods, like Swiss Rolls and Powdered Mini Donuts. Bagel Bites are frozen pizzas on mini bagels, featuring many different flavours like Cheese, Sausage, and Pepperoni. Bugles were the extremely popular 50-year-old cone-shaped corn snack. All of these have been pulled from Canadian store shelves.

Twitter was definitely the place people could vent about the disruptive announcement.

Twitter reactions included everything from people incredibly surprised, very angry, or keeping it cool with the confidence these products would soon return.

These are some of the best Twitter posts, comments, and replies regarding Bagel Bites, Bugles, and Little Debbie products disappearing from Canada.

On the same day I learn our small Nova Scotia town is getting its own Pizza Hut, I learn that Bagel Bites have been discontinued in Canada. The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. @HFXHeather posted on Twitter.


@sarahxoluna Tweeted out that they “just found out bagel bites are being discontinued in Canada. This is the worst day ever.”

It isn’t all negative reactions to the disappearance of these nostalgic brands on social media, with one user even tweeting out in favour of it. “Bagel Bites are discontinued in Canada?! ‘Good.’ – The roof of my mouth.”

It’s unclear if these products will ever return, but hopefully, with enough Twitter outrage, the marketing departments will take notice of the demand.

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