Canada releases $5 coin in honour of Queen Elizabeth and it's dazzling (PHOTOS)

Jan 26 2023, 3:27 pm

Attention, coin collectors!

The Royal Canadian Mint has just released a $5 coin commemorating the late Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign, and it’s dazzling.

It’s one of the first issued in a souvenir collection of precious metals that include silver, gold and platinum coins.

They’re all meant to revisit seven decades of history by featuring “timeless emblems” of the Queen’s reign and more intimate portraits of the monarch “known to generations of Canadians,” according to the Mint.


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“The passing of¬†Queen Elizabeth II¬†is a pivotal event that the Mint is acknowledging with dignity and respect,” said¬†Marie Lemay, president and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, in a statement.

“Our numismatic collection honouring her historic reign is both our thank you and farewell to the late Queen for her unwavering years of service.”

The 2022 $5 fine silver coin is just as regal as the monarch herself.

It’s made of 1/4 oz. pure silver and showcases a sparkling portrait of the Queen, in colour on what we’d call the “tails” side of the coin.


Royal Canadian Mint

On the “heads” side of it, the coin features Queen Elizabeth’s four effigies that have appeared on Canadian coins throughout the years.

You can also see that it’s double-dated 1952 – 2022, with those dates separated by a Tudor rose.


Royal Canadian Mint

This coin could be yours, but it’ll cost you more than $5. You can purchase it now on the Mint’s site for $34.95.

Coin collectors also have the opportunity to buy the 2022 $2 special wrap roll for $79.95, or you can wait to receive the stunning black toonie organically in your change, since it’s been circulating since December 2022.


Royal Canadian Mint

These two coins are just the first of 13 that are part of the Queen Elizabeth II’s Reign collection.

While the $5 coin and the $2 special wrap roll are now available for purchase, the following marked with an asterisk can be pre-ordered as of Thursday:

  • The 2022¬†$20¬†Fine Silver Coin ‚Äď A Sense of Duty, A Life of Service*
  • The 2022¬†$300¬†Pure Platinum Coin ‚ÄstQueen Elizabeth II’s¬†Royal Cypher*
  • The 2022¬†$200¬†Pure Gold Coin ‚ÄstQueen Elizabeth II’s¬†Royal Cypher*
  • The 2022¬†$20¬†Fine Silver Coin ‚ÄstQueen Elizabeth II’s¬†Royal Cypher
  • The 2022 Fine Silver 3-Coin Set ‚Äď A Tribute to an Extraordinary Life*
  • The 2022 Special Edition Proof Silver Dollar ‚Äď The Imperial State Crown*
  • The 2022¬†$50¬†Fine Silver Coin ‚ÄstQueen Elizabeth II’s¬†Coronation
  • The 2022¬†$50¬†Fine Silver Coin ‚ÄstQueen Elizabeth II’s¬†Reign
  • The 2022¬†$250¬†Pure Gold Coin ‚Äď The Imperial State Crown*
  • The 2022¬†$20¬†Fine Silver Coin ‚Äď The Imperial State Crown*
  • The 2023 Collector’s Edition Non-circulation Coin Set
  • The 2023 Collector’s Edition Non-circulation Special Wrap Roll Set
  • The 2023 Collector’s Edition Non-circulation¬†50-cent¬†Special Wrap Roll

Will you be adding these to your collection?

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