Pierre Poilievre compares BC city to "faraway third-world country," blames Trudeau

Jun 2 2023, 5:15 pm

Pierre Poilievre has riled up social media again, this time for comments about a BC city that he compared to a developing country.

He also took the opportunity to blame Justin Trudeau.

The city in question is Kelowna, BC, and Poilievre posted a TikTok video on Twitter, saying the images in the video “are not from a faraway third-world country.”

In the video, the person who captured the footage is driving past a series of homeless tents on the side of a road.

No words are spoken in the video, and so far, the reaction on social media features much support for Poilievre’s political comments.

Suggestions have been made that Poilievre’s comments are insensitive and for the purpose of cheap political points, with some going so far as to say his comments are appalling.

Others have pointed out that civic homelessness doesn’t fall under federal jurisdiction.

In response to that, some are blaming immigration, which does fall under federal jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, one person pointed out that the encampment seen in the video was well-managed.

We’ve reached out to the City of Kelowna for comment.

What do you make of Poilievre’s comments?

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