Pierre Poilievre blames political opponents for rising crime in Canada (VIDEO)

Apr 14 2023, 2:43 pm

Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre held a press conference on Thursday afternoon where he blamed recent violent crimes in the province on political opponents.

When speaking in Edmonton, Alberta, Poilievre asked, “What’s happening to our cities?” before reading off a lengthy list of recent crimes that have occurred.

He went on to say that the recent rise in crime in Alberta and Canada is the result of “eight years of Justin Trudeau and the costly coalition with the NDP.”

“Trudeau and the NDP have caused this crime wave with policies that allow the same repeat violent offenders loose on our streets to terrorize innocent people.”

“Trudeau and the NDP have given us crime, chaos, drugs, and disorder. It is a simple cause and effect,” he added.

When asked about crimes occurring at transit centers in a province that is under a United Conservative Party government, Poilievre stated it was due to politicians in BC.

“The biggest crime problems are in places run by an NDP government. Over in British Columbia, where you have NDP, Liberal mayors, premiers and a prime minister in charge of public safety,” he said.

“The worst disorder, drug abuse, and chaos are in places run by woke NDP Liberal mayors, premiers. Their policies have unleashed a wicked crime spree across this country.”

In a bid to reduce crime on public transit, the Alberta government announced earlier this month it will be introducing new measures, including a plan to hire 100 street-level officers to increase the law enforcement presence in Calgary and Edmonton.

On the heels of recent violence and criminal activity on transit in Metro Vancouver, Transit Police is also making some changes, deploying several specialty teams to the areas of the transit system where there are reports of criminal activity and increased violence.

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