Here's what Canadians REALLY think about Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre: poll 

May 15 2023, 4:46 pm

The results of a new national poll have revealed what Canadians really think about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Leader of the Opposition Pierre Poilievre.

The survey, conducted in early May and published on Monday by Abacus Data, asked 2,500 Canadian adults for their opinions on the political figures to gauge public perception.

The results provide insights into how Canadians view the competence, judgment, trustworthiness, and relatability of Trudeau and Poilievre.

According to the survey, Canadian opinion on the two leaders is divided.

Competence and Judgment

More Canadians thought Trudeau was incompetent (50%) than competent (44%). The other 6% said they did not know.

Meanwhile, 48% of participants considered Poilievre competent and 34% believed he was incompetent.

It is worth noting that a higher percentage of respondents expressed uncertainty about Poilievre’s competence (18%), perhaps due to his less established position in Canadian politics.

When it comes to judgment, more Canadians (45%) thought Poilievre displayed good judgment than Trudeau (37%).

Kindness and Trustworthiness

While 58% of respondents perceived Trudeau as kind, only 42% attributed the quality to Poilievre.

However, the poll revealed a general lack of trust associated with both leaders.

The majority of participants (62%) believed that Trudeau hides his views to make himself more acceptable, while 50% expressed the same sentiment about Poilievre.

Compassion and Relatability

Approximately half of the respondents (48%) feel that Trudeau genuinely cares about making Canada a better place.

The figure is slightly higher for Poilievre, with 50% of participants believing in his commitment to improving the country.

Trudeau also faces a vulnerability in appearing out of touch.

Only 30% of respondents agreed that he “understands what life is like for people like you.”

In contrast, 40% of participants believe that Poilievre understands their lived experiences.

Extreme views

The survey also explored public perception regarding the extremity of the leaders’ views.

The results showed that a higher percentage of Canadians (44%) considered Poilievre to be “too extreme” than Trudeau (35%).


Trudeau faces challenges in relatability, while Poilievre grapples with the perception of being too extreme.

Both leaders would do well to note the concerns of the Canadian public.

The current agreement between Trudeau’s Liberal Party and the NDP could see them in power until 2025.

However, CEO of Abacus Data David Coletto is skeptical that the current Parliament will make it until 2025, stating he would “bet against” it.

He added that no minority government in the history of Canada has been able to complete a full four-year term.

Could we be seeing a Trudeau vs. Poilievre election in the near future? Which leader would have your support? Let us know in the comments.

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