Lamborghini goes camping: BC driver takes glamping to next level

Jun 6 2023, 5:38 pm

It’s not your quintessential campground sight: a Lamborghini in the wild packed with firewood.

On Saturday, Twitter user Rob Stewart shared a picture of a Lamborghini at Sunnyside Campground on BC’s Cultus Lake. It divided the internet.

Was the driver hiding with a stolen star? Was it a rental, or daddy’s car? Trying to impress a girl, had to be. Nah, it’s his wife’s car. Twitter users put forth their own theories.

The Lamborghini owner, Wayne Liang, tweeted back from the campsite. He invited Stewart to hang out, revealing he was more approachable than his fancy car suggested. Like many regular campers, he enjoys President’s Choice chocolate chip cookies.

But that didn’t put the many questions to rest.

Liang set the record with Daily Hive that the Lamborghini was, indeed, his car.

In fact, it was not his first time going “camper-ghining.”

“Last year, I was afraid it would get a bunch of scratches, you know, random branches, the floor isn’t even,” he said. “But it went really smoothly, so I knew this year going in, I didn’t have much to worry about. And of course it’ll get dirty — but nothing a wash can’t solve.”

The Surrey resident said no one raised an eyebrow when he drove the same car to the same location last year. Therefore, the reaction he received both at the campsite and online last weekend took him by surprise.

“This year, there’s a bunch of kids around. They’re all taking photos roaming after it. Yeah, of course, a lot of the stares from the campers when I drove by.”

Liang admitted a Lamborghini was not the most practical car to bring to camping but stressed that he didn’t intend to show off.

Now working mostly in Dubai, the e-commerce entrepreneur and angel investor explained the sports car is his only automobile when he’s back in Vancouver.

“When I am in town, I like to go for long road and drive as much as possible. It’s good for the car. And you know, it’s sitting there collecting dust for a lot of the year. So you know I would like to take advantage of the good weather during the summer months.”

Many in the Twitterverse stood behind his Lambo camping energy.

While others shared their choices of ride that others might deem peculiar.

What is the most out-of-place item you’ve seen someone bring camping? Let us know in the comments.

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