Meet the farmers looking for love on new Canadian reality show (PHOTOS)

May 23 2023, 4:42 pm

A new reality show is hitting the airwaves this Sunday aimed at helping some BC farmers find true love.

Hosted by comedian Sabrina Jalees, Farming for Love is based on the long-running hit show seen all around the world called The Farmer Wants a Wife.

This Canadian version follows five farmers from BC who have invited prospective daters to live and work on their farm until “The One” remains. This successful format has resulted in 197 weddings and 480 children to date, so could this show add more to this impressive tally?

Executive producers and co-showrunners Ruth Nanda and Grant Greschuk are excited to bring the series to Canadians.

“It’s rooted in authenticity and it gives us the opportunity to showcase our farmers who work so hard,” Nanda says. “BC has such diverse products that are produced here and we wanted to showcase that.”

“There’s a lot of genuine fish out of water moments. It does give people a chance to understand this is what it’s like to live on a farm,” adds Greschuk.

Nanda and Greschuk say Farming For Love is not your typical reality dating show. They say the authenticity of the experience is what sets it apart from others. The farmers are indeed looking for a love connection and the daters apply to date their farmer of choice.

“Farming is 24 hours a day and usually in small communities so there aren’t a lot of people to date,” says Greschuk.

Nanda adds, “We really thought it would be an opportunity to help farmers who are committed to their land, the opportunity to find a true partnership and lasting love.”

The inaugural season will let audiences into the lives of five BC farmers.

Ashleigh — Equestrian from Gibsons

Farming for Love - Farmer Ashleigh

Farming for Love/CTV

Charley — Wine producer from Keremeos

Farming for Love - Farmer Charley

Farming for Love/CTV

Dave — Livestock and grain farmer from the Comox Valley

Farming for Love - Farmer Dave

Farming for Love/CTV

Doug — Dairy farmer from Chemainus

Farming for Love - Farmer Doug

Farming for Love/CTV

Gurleen — Berry and agritourism farmer from Abbotsford

Farming for Love - Farmer Gurleen

Farming for Love/CTV











“Dating is really tough.”

Gurleen Maan’s family owns Maan Farms in Abbotsford. The family farm’s “Director of Fun” says helping run the family business doesn’t allow her to have much time to meet potential partners.

“It’s a really big priority, it would take a special person to compete with the priority,” Maan says.

“Farmers don’t leave the farms so we brought love to the farms,” says Nanda.

While daters reside on the farms, farmers have the opportunity to get to know them through group dates and activities, while a lucky few get the coveted one-on-one dates. It’s not all fun and games, though. Daters are put through the wringer of what farm life really is about, and we’ll see who’s willing to get their hands dirty for a shot at romance.

“I really just enjoyed connecting with other people,” says Maan. “It made me feel good again about dating.”

Aside from all the matchmaking, Farming for Love hopes to shed light on the importance of the BC farming community.

“We know that, no farmers, no food. We hope that farmers really do feel that they are recognized in this show,” Nanda says.

Maan adds, “People need to understand where their food comes from. I really feel they will get to know what real farming looks like and what it means.”

The Maan family says they are looking forward to sharing an inside look at their culture and the daily duties on the farm, but also maybe debunking a few misconceptions.

“I think people will feel a little intrigued by the dichotomy of seeing me be a farmer but also wearing heels,” Gurleen says. “It was a really cool journey of self-discovery.”

Greschuk says, “It’s an opportunity for them to be celebrated, meet some really great people, and find the one.”

Who will enjoy a bumper crop of kisses and who will be left with a batch of sour grapes? Find out soon enough as the 10-episode season of Farming for Love begins on Sunday, May 28th on CTV.

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