Driver charged for car tune-up reviews dashcam to see no work being done (VIDEO)

Mar 10 2023, 5:29 pm

A BC driver was charged for a car tune-up that dashcam footage later proved was never done.

Stanley emailed Daily Hive about his story, including the dashcam footage.

On Monday, he took his car to Discount Tire in Surrey — which has excellent reviews on Google — for a wheel alignment job.

Stanley picked his car up after an hour and a half to pay for the work. After he got into his car, he checked his dashcam to see “how long it takes for alignment.”

After reviewing the footage, he saw that his car had been parked the whole time.

He sent us several videos similar to the one below to prove his case:

Stanley alleges that the store had lied to him, suggesting that the alignment had been done before finally admitting they didn’t touch the car. Discount Tire suggests it was a miscommunication.

According to Stanley, Discount Tire had then offered to do the work, but he chose to get a refund due to the bad experience.

car tuneup dashcam

“I told them ‘I don’t trust you guys.'”

Stanley says he left a Google review and that the owner called him the following day about it. He also got an apology from one of the employees involved in the incident on the first day.

We also contacted Discount Tire and heard back from the owner, who said he had also apologized for the incident the next day.

“There was a miscommunication between two of our employees. His money was fully refunded immediately, and he was offered a free alignment for his inconvenience,” he said.

“I’ve owned this business for over 30 years, and I’ve always provided excellent customer service.”

While it might not offer much consolation to Stanley, if positive Google reviews are any indication, it seems that many others have been happy customers.

Still, if you were on the fence about getting a dashcam, here’s another reason they’re so handy.

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