Nine of the top 10 coldest places on Earth right now are in Canada

Dec 6 2022, 5:34 pm

December in Canada can be chilly, and parts of the country have been blasted with especially cruel temperatures this week.

According to a new weather report from WX-Now, which tracks the world’s most extreme weather, nine out of the top 10 coldest places on the planet on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, were in Canada.

The coldest place on the planet today is Lindburg Landing, Northwest Territories, with a brutal -41ºC. Second place goes to Manning, Alberta with -39°C and factor in the wind chill and it’s a mind-numbing -51°C. Yikes!

The only non-Canadian spot to crack the top 10 was Yakutsk, Russia.

The capital of Alberta, Edmonton, was 10th on the list, with a temperature of -38°C Tuesday morning.

WX Now

Extreme cold warnings are currently in place for much of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with Environment and Climate Change Canada warning that “extremely cold wind chill values between minus 40 and minus 45” will continue into tonight and tomorrow for some areas.

The full list of the world’s chilliest countries can be found here.

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