"Beige flags" are the latest dating trend — here's what it means (VIDEOS)

May 26 2023, 1:34 pm

When it comes to modern dating, we often judge others based on their online dating profiles.

We analyze potential profiles for ever-elusive green flags, the positive signs of compatibility, while keeping an eye out for a dreaded red flag, signalling a dating deal-breaker.

But now there’s a new flag to look out for on the dating scene, and it’s beige.

The phrase “beige flag” was coined by TikTok vlogger @itscaito as a method of reviewing dating profiles on apps like Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge.

The self-described “CEO of beige flags” explained that they are “signs on dating app profiles that the person behind the profile is probably f**cking boring.”

Caito operates a “three strikes and you’re out” policy, with any profile reaching three “beige flags” being rejected.

According to Caito, here are some generic dating bios that get an instant “beige flag.”

  • “I’m a homeowner.”
  • “Believe it or not, I don’t drink coffee.”
  • “Bet you can’t guess where I’m from.”
  • “I’m a plant parent.”
  • “I love Harry Potter.”
  • “The key to my heart is food.”

In her videos, Caito reviews dating profiles submitted by followers for “beige flags.”

@itscaito R U BEIGE?? is dc doing bailey dirty or is she doing herself dirty?? all i know is vans is missing a shoot model 🤷🏼‍♀️ #beigeflags #hingeprofile #datingapps #hinge #datingadvice #hingeprompt ♬ original sound – Caito

Caito also lists examples of “beige flags” to look out for in the “wasteland” of online dating.

@itscaito beige is the new red and in other news dating apps are a wasteland 🚩 #hinge #redflags #datingredflags #hingedating ♬ original sound – Caito

Although she first started posting videos about “beige flags” back in 2022, it was not until recently that the term caught on.

The meaning of “beige flags” seems to be evolving. It is now being used to describe behaviours that are annoying but not quite concerning enough to be labelled a red flag.

A new video trend has started where TikTokers share their partner’s beige flags.

Here are some of our favourites.

@brontecrawley Can’t wait to marry this man. #boyfriendbeigeflag #beigeflag #relationships #datingaman ♬ Summer Background Jazz – Jazz Background Vibes

@bailey.anne.s Praying this reaches the right audience and yall dont try and cancel my bf #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #boyfriend #beigeflag ♬ Summer Background Jazz – Jazz Background Vibes

@smelllybellly except gossip girl he did not join that one #beigeflag #fyp #show #tv #foryou ♬ Summer Background Jazz – Jazz Background Vibes

What would you consider a “beige flag” on a date? Let us know in the comments.

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