Getting "zombied" is the latest dating trend — here's what it means (VIDEOS)

May 1 2023, 3:49 pm

If you have been on the dating scene in recent years, you are probably no stranger to getting ghosted, but have you ever been “zombied”?

If you’re lucky enough to have never experienced ghosting, it’s when someone you’ve been talking to or seeing romantically suddenly stops replying.

Being “zombied,” on the other hand, refers to when someone who previously ghosted you hits you up after a long period of silence, like a zombie rising from the grave. The term is not entirely new — a contextually accurate Urban Dictionary entry for it from 2018 does exist — but it has picked up pace online in dating discourse.

A friendlier version is “caspering,” when you receive a rejection message before they disappear.

Real-life stories about being zombied are piling up across social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok.

Content creator shared her experience of getting “zombied” on TikTok. …where do they find the audacity? • • #ghosted #zombied #relationshiptok #dating #datingadvice #couplestiktok #relatable ♬ Watercolor Eyes – From “Euphoria” An Original HBO Series – Lana Del Rey

One commenter replied, “I’ve had this happen several times. Thought we were going great, then they disappeared out of now where.”

To that, said, “Yup… and then the audacity when they come back? Excuse me?”

TikToker @mariel_darling told followers on the app, “Girl, you are being ghosted; I am out here being zombied.”

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One user replied, “I’m being corpsed… getting the bare minimum and dry sporadic responses.”

Another commenter was less than impressed by the new trend. “People renaming everything to make their experience unique. You experienced dating. That’s called dating,” they said.

Whether you are on board with the new term or not, the experience of being ignored and then recontacted can be confusing and frustrating. It can be incredibly challenging if you have already forced yourself to move on.

You might ask yourself, “Why now?” when they weren’t interested before. Are they just feeling lonely and looking to recapture a feeling of familiarity and comfort? Do you want to provide them with that? Do they deserve it? Were you their backup plan?

Ultimately, the key to dealing with getting “zombied” is to trust your instincts and prioritize your well-being. Remember, the “block” button is your friend.

Did this post make you realize you may have been zombied by someone or zombied someone yourself?

If you’d like to share a dating story in the comments, we’re all ears. No pressure, though! 👀

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