Australia will not be putting King Charles on its new $5 bill

Feb 2 2023, 6:12 pm

Australia has decided not to replace Queen Elizabeth’s portrait with one of King Charles III on its new $5 bill.

The country’s central bank announced on Thursday that the updated $5 banknote will instead feature an Indigenous design.

“The Reserve Bank has decided to update the $5 banknote to feature a new design that honours the culture and history of the First Australians,” reads a statement. “The Bank will consult with First Australians in designing the $5 banknote. ”

While this move says goodbye to the British Monarchy on the nation’s banknotes, Charles isn’t getting short-changed.

The king will still replace his mother on coins that currently feature her image, reported the Associated Press.

After Queen Elizabeth’s death in September, many wondered what would happen to the design of coins and bills in Commonwealth countries.

The UK has already started circulating its first coins featuring King Charles’ effigy, giving Canadians a glimpse at what our money could look like.

The Royal Canadian Mint told Daily Hive at the time of the Queen’s death that “a change in Monarch does not require a wholesale replacement of our circulation coins, and it will not disrupt daily commerce requiring the use of coins.”

In an update, a spokesperson for the Mint told us on Thursday that it is still awaiting the government’s final decision on the matter.

“The Government of Canada has exclusive jurisdiction over the design of Canadian coins and we are still awaiting their decision of a new design for the obverse or ‘heads’ side of our coins,” said the Mint.

“We have a team in place that is ready to implement the change once a decision is announced.”

As for Canada’s banknote, the Bank of Canada has yet to reveal any updates on what will happen to the $20 bill.

However, a group of artists recently pitched an idea similar to what Australia plans on doing.

To highlight reconciliation through art, the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) commissioned several Indigenous artists to reimagine the $20 banknote with images of nine Indigenous women who have shaped their lives and experiences.

indigenous women

Native Women’s Association of Canada

Daily Hive has reached out to the Bank of Canada for more information on the design of the $20 bill.

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