Angry man tries to open door of BMW in Canadian road rage incident (VIDEO)

Apr 27 2023, 6:23 pm

A Canadian road rage incident captured on camera doesn’t do any favours to the perception that Canadians are polite people.

The encounter occurred in Metro Vancouver and was shared by the social media page Vancouver’s Worst Drivers Dashcam, which obtained the video from an Instagram user.

The video is captured from the perspective of another vehicle on the roadway that slowly approaches two cars parked in front of one another in the far right lane.

“I wouldn’t be fighting anyone if I was that guy” is how the video was titled.

A man is standing at the rear vehicle’s driver-side door, yanking at it and trying to open it.

As we get closer, we see the man standing at the other vehicle’s door, angrily shouting at the driver.

We also see the man making angry, pointing gestures at the driver of the BMW. He then notices someone filming, looks at the camera, and points to the driver of the BMW, seemingly blaming them for the ordeal.

Then, in a bold move, the BMW driver rolls their window down, allowing the other vehicle’s driver to stick his hand inside. The BMW driver then rolls their window down even more, and the man standing on the road seems to take a few swings inside. After that, someone honks, the BMW driver rolls their window up, and the angry man returns to his vehicle.

One comment on the video read, “Oh that’s mature… Yelling at someone thru their window….. As pointless as starting a fight with trolls on social media.”

Daily Hive is looking to confirm whether or not this incident has been reported to police.

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