Yogost: HUGE lines gather for bubble tea shop opening in Calgary

Jun 15 2022, 5:25 pm

Yogost, a popular BC-based yogurt drink shop, opened its first-ever Calgary location over the weekend.

This opening was highly anticipated, and there were also buy-one-get-one-free deals, limited merchandise, $100 bonuses when customers buy $100, and more to celebrate the big day.

People were clearly excited to try it.

The lines were massive, extending outside the building, down the street, and wrapping around corners and other businesses. It seemed to never end!

This new spot is in Chinatown on Centre Street and there are just two other locations in the Vancouver area.

Using fresh ingredients, including probiotic yogurt, organic milk, whole grain antioxidant-rich purple rice, and natural fruit pieces, the drinks here are rich in nutrients.

No wonder people were excited about the deals and drinks at this new bubble tea shop.

There are five different delicious types of drinks to choose from here.

Rice, smoothie, fruit, probiotic yogurt drinks, and riceball milkshakes are wonderful options with several different flavours in each category.

Caramel pearl yogurt is made with black rice, the Oreo pearl yogurt smoothie is a hugely popular choice, there are five different kinds of fruit-based drinks, even more options for the probiotic beverages, and several types of milkshakes.

To personalize your order even further, there are add-ons like extra oat, rice, red bean, and more.

You must check out this spot if you’re a fan of boba teas, smoothies, and fruit drinks. The lines are sure to be much shorter now, too.

Get in line and try this refreshing new way to beat the summer heat this year.

Hey! I Am Yogost

Address: 328 Centre Street, Calgary


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