Vodka made out of milk is coming to stores in Alberta

Nov 20 2019, 11:55 pm

In a confusing but intriguing turn of events, vodka thats made from milk will be making a moo-ve to stores in Alberta.

Vodkow Vodka from Dairy Distillery based in Ontario is made using an innovative process that transforms unused milk sugar from Canadian dairy farms into a unique clear spirit that is both lactose and sugar free, with with traces of vanilla.

If you were confused how you can get vodka from milk, let us break it down for you:

The milk comes from milk permeate, a very clean, pure dairy by-product that’s created when making ultra-filtered milk.

According to the Dairy Distillery website, most milk permeate gets dumped, which creates a strain on the environment and a disposal cost for dairy farmers.

milk vodka

Dairy Distillery/Vodkow Vodka

“In collaboration with the University of Ottawa we’ve perfected a process to convert milk permeate into an unbelievably smooth spirit,” says their website.

We’ll be the judges of that.

Vodkow Vodka retails for $36 plus tax and is available in select Wine and Beyond stores across Alberta.

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