Here's the unofficial voter turnout of the 2019 Alberta provincial election

Apr 18 2019, 1:56 am

At least 1.8 million Albertans cast a ballot in the 2019 Alberta provincial election.

Whether they did it during the five days of advance voting, though a special mail-in ballot, or on April 16’s election day remains to be seen, but given the numbers that Elections Alberta has provided so far, it is looking to be one of the highest voter turnouts that the province has ever seen.

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As of 1:30 pm on April 17, a total of 7,149 out of 7,326 polls have been reported, and, seeing as Elections Alberta provides the up-to-date total number of votes for each party, some simple addition landed us at 1,663,000 votes that have been counted so far.

Add in the 223,000 vote anywhere ballots that began being counted as of 1 pm today, and you land somewhere in the ballpark of 1.9 million.

Elections Alberta has also noted that there were about 2.7 million voters on the list, meaning that, if the final numbers end up somewhere close to our math (and we even used a calculator), it would mean that the overall turnout during the 2019 election was around 70% — the highest that Albert has seen since 1971.

For comparison, 2008 was Alberta’s lowest voter turnout for a provincial election, seeing just 953,777 ballots cast, or 40.53% of the vote.

voter turnout

Historic voter turnout in Alberta (Elections Alberta)

As well, 2012 and 2015 were better, but not by much, with a 54.37% and 57.02% turnout, respectively.

Of course, it won’t be until Elections Alberta counts up every last ballot that we get the official voter turnout for this election, but, as long as our math isn’t completely off, it’s looking to be a historic year for Albertan voters.

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