Tricky parking spot poses challenge for Metro Vancouver drivers (PHOTOS)

Mar 15 2023, 10:48 pm

Another day, another parking spot story on the Daily Hive Urbanized, but this tricky spot has posed an enticing challenge for at least one Metro Vancouver driver.

Photos of the parking spot have been shared to a Facebook group chronicling bad drivers in Richmond, and according to some of the reactions to recent posts about the parking spot, it’s a popular one.

One driver even managed to make it in between the lines, but another gave up on trying entirely.

The driver of this Mazda clearly didn’t have the time to try and make it a pretty parking job, but does that mean they deserve the turtle of shame? They’re still between the lines.


One of the comments on the post stated, “whoever did the site planning for that building, needs to be fired. People think all cars work like Jeep or pick up.”

Another post shared with the same group showed that one driver could squeeze into the spot and probably deserves a medal for their fine work.

problematic parking spot


Technically the driver of the Jeep is on the line and not between the lines. However, based on how the lines of this space are set up, it seems like it would be totally fair even if the driver did ride up on the curb.

Many of the comments were celebrating the Jeep driver’s parking job.

“Skills,” wrote one Facebook user.

Others suggested the spot had to be for a motorcycle, but no signs indicate that is the case.

Another person wrote, “always with this spot,” suggesting this has likely come up in discussions in the past.

Which path would you take? Ride up on the curb or squeeze inside the tight space? Let us know in the comments.

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