This Travel Alberta video is all kinds of epic (VIDEO)

Sep 27 2017, 1:49 am

Serene lakes, calm rivers, powdered snow, towering mountains; all things that Albertans can proudly call home.

Travel Alberta recently released a video titled “Ready” that takes viewers on a trip into the beauty of the province.

Starting off slow and steady, the video builds alongside the ski-jumping, cave-exploring action to a crescendo of utter awesomeness.

The Rockies are explored from snow-capped peak to cavernous cave; Edmonton and Calgary’s most iconic landmarks are visited in quick, passing shots; and the sprawling landscape of the province is shown shining golden in the setting sun.

You could say it’s a pretty epic video.

“Ready” is one in a series of videos from Travel Alberta, combining all the greatest shots from videos “Ready For Winter,” “Dog Sledding in Alberta’s Canadian Rockies,” and more to create a medley of Albertan highlights.

Take a look for yourself and see how many of the province’s gems you can spot, and how many more are out there that you still need to discover.

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