"Not a harmless prank": Alberta schools warn of TikTok challenge

Sep 28 2021, 4:47 pm

A recent increase in acts of vandalism and theft at Alberta schools may be due to the latest TikTok challenge.

The challenge encourages students to steal items or damage property at schools and then post videos and photos of the objects or property to the popular video sharing app.

The Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) told Daily Hive that they are aware of a few reports of vandalism in their schools, in connection with the TikTok challenge, and communication has been sent home to parents in schools where these acts have occurred.

Teachers and administrators have discussed the severity of this issue with students, and CCSD staff and administration will continue to monitor the situation.

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) said that schools in their district have reported an increase in incidents of vandalism and theft as well, which “may be attributed to the TikTok trend.”

“Vandalism is costly,” said Megan Geyer, communications advisor for the CBE. She noted that they will continue to work with students to help them understand the importance of digital citizenship, and that vandalism of school property is not a harmless prank.

“Possible disciplinary actions can be taken both by the school and by the police,” added Geyer.

The CBE asks families to consider supporting them by having conversations with their children about digital citizenship, safety on the internet, and general appropriate conduct online and offline.

The CCSD told Daily Hive that TikTok has confirmed it will be removing these videos from the platform.

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