Calgary vs. Edmonton: Who can get the most restaurants to go straw-free?

May 18 2018, 4:42 pm

Plastic-Free YYC, a Calgary based non-profit, is committed to raising awareness about the impact single-use plastics have on the environment.

Their campaign #StopSuckingYYC and #LastStrawCalgary, aims to encourage all bars and restaurants to go straw-free on July 14.

Bars and restaurants are being encouraged to go straw-free to help keep thousands of plastic drinking straws out of Alberta landfills — for one day (hey, it’s a start).

According to the website for Last Straw Calgary, the campaign came from the desire to “shift perspectives and behaviours.”

“Every time a straw-free drink is served, it means one less item in our landfills, one less piece of plastic in our oceans. Small changes can make a big difference.”

The movement to eliminate the use of plastic straws in Canada has been going on for a while, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying he’ll be bringing it up at the upcoming meeting with G7 leaders in June.

The City of Vancouver approved a ban on plastic straws, foam cups, and containers earlier this week, with the ban coming into effect on June 1, 2019, allowing time for restaurants to find more sustainable materials.

The Last Straw Calgary website says the #LastStrawCalgary and #StopSuckingYYC campaign is just a “stepping stone to a more mindful approach in our consumption of single-use plastics.”

The one day challenge is looking to eliminate all use of plastic straws for the day, unless they’re legitimately needed, such as for those with a disability.

Challenge – YYC vs. YEG

In the nature of true Alberta rivalry, both Plastic-Free YYC and Waste Free Edmonton have challenged each other to see which city can get the most bars and restaurants to commit to going straw-free by the July 14th deadline.

To join the challenge, patrons can sign up with Last Straw Alberta and pledge to go straw-free for one day on July 14.

With just over eight weeks left in the challenge, we’ll just have to wait to see which city wins the title.

The Last Straw – Straw Free Day

When: July 14, 2018
Where: Participating restaurants and bars in Calgary and Edmonton

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