This new visa will let Canadian remote workers live in Spain for five years

Oct 18 2022, 8:19 pm

As Canada prepares to plunge into dark and chilly weather, many workers might feel like they’re living in Spain without the “S.”

But you could work remotely on the sunny coasts of Spain with the “S” thanks to a new special visa the government hopes to introduce.

It’s the latest European country that plans to launch a “digital nomad visa,” which will allow remote workers to live in Spain with tax breaks.


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How does it work

According to¬†The Guardian,¬†the law has yet to be passed, but it’s expected the visa will initially be valid for one year and renewable for up to five years.

If you have a spouse or children, they will also be able to apply with you.

If you’re able to nab a visa, you’ll be taxed at 15% for the first four years, rather than the standard 25%.

Who is eligible

The visa will be eligible for people who work remotely for companies outside of Spain. The employee can derive a maximum 20% of their income from Spanish organizations.

Applicants also need to be from outside the European Economic Area, reported¬†The Guardian.¬†They also must be able to prove that they’ve been working remotely for at least a year.

In addition, applicants need to show that they will earn enough to be self-sufficient, and have an address in Spain.

Spain isn’t the only country that wants to make this visa available. Most recently, Portugal adopted the visa. Outside of Europe, Indonesia is jumping on the remote work goldmine too.

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