Canadian remote workers can live in Portugal for a year with the "digital nomad" visa

Oct 4 2022, 7:48 pm

If you’re a Canadian who loves balmy beaches and has the flexibility to work remotely, you’re probably eligible for Portugal’s upcoming “digital nomad” visa.

The existing D7 visa garnered popularity with moneyed expats retirees after it was announced. But during the pandemic, many remote workers found the visa advantageous.

An influx of remote workers inspired several countries around the world, who saw it as an opportunity and made changes to their entry policies accordingly.

According to, a digital nomad visa can be given to remote workers, freelancers, and business owners looking to work and live in Portugal. Time Out reports that the country is planning on updating the program to incentivize it further.

If you’re wondering how this is different from a regular visitor visa, it allows you to stay in Portugal beyond 90 days ā€” you can live in the country for up to a year or more, depending on whether you want to extend your stay.

You won’t need an exorbitant amount of income to do this either. As per travel website Nomad Girl, if you make ā‚¬9,870 (CND$13,212.70) per year, and have proof of your employment and residence in another country, you should be good to apply.

We don’t know when the new program will roll out but keep your eyes peeled for updates from the Portuguese government.

Fancy living in Italy? Consider the quiet and gorgeous island of Sardinia. The Italian government is offering an incentive of ā‚¬15,000, (nearly CND$20,000) for anyone moving there.

Or live a tax-free life in blue-green Bali as a remote worker using their newly launched digital nomad visa program.

The choices for remote workers are opening up each day. According to Expert Vagabond, Barbados, Antigua, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Dubai, Malta, Mexico, Spain Mauritius, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, and the Czech Republic, all offer digital nomad visas.

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